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What is the Russian Visa invitation?

The visa invitation letter is a document that can be prepared by an authorized person such as an employer or travel agency and is presented to the Russian consulate in your country of residence. This letter proves that you have been invited into the country and have the purpose of extending hospitality without any ulterior motives. So if you are looking for a guide on how to get a Russian tourist voucher for a visa, you have come to the right place.


Types of Russian Visa Invitations

Types of Russian Visa Invitations

user Tourist Visa Invitation

A tourist voucher is issued by an authorized travel business to provide state or private tourism services. To issue the document, the travel agency must have registration with the Federal Tourism Agency of the Russian Federation..

disc Private Visa Invitation

Private visa invitations are issued by authorized private individuals for inviting their relatives, friends, or business partners to visit them. This type of invitation is accepted officially and it has a higher approval rating because the host can provide additional documents proving his relationship with the invited person.

disc Business Visa Invitation

Business visa invitations are issued by business partners and companies. Invitation can be accepted if it is signed by a registered organization and contains full information about the invited home: name, address, passport details, and a number of inviting companies or organizations.

home Transit Visa

Transit visa is issued to people who are traveling through Russian Federation. A Transit visa can be accepted if it contains information about the city and date of travel, passport number of the person that travels through Russia, and points of departure and destination country.



To work, study or live in Russia you will need a migration card. A migration card has to be completed and returned to the Federal Migration Service department of the region where you are applying for your visa. The regional authorities carry out health checks on foreign citizens who are about to apply for a residence permit. This document is required every time you extend your residency permit. The migration card is also required if you want to leave Russia for a trip abroad and return on the same visa, without having to re-apply for another visa. If you travel outside of Russia with an outdated migration card (older than 3 months), your residency permit will be annulled upon your return.



Foreign citizens residing in Russia who have a business visa or a temporary residence permit must register their visa at the local RUE (Regional Department of the Federal Migration Service). Failure to do so is an offense and may result in a fine and deportation.

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