B2B Agencies

Satguru aims to provide our travel agencies with flexible options and the lowest prices to help serve their customers. We understand the importance of travel agencies and their livelihood. Our unique model allows you to work under your terms!

Satguru's unique model allows you to work under your own terms, allowing for flexible hours that suit you! We also understand the importance of support and training for our travel agents. Satguru provides you with the tools necessary to grow your travel agency efficiently!

For B2B Agencies

24/7 Ground Support

You can always rely on Satguru's 24/7 ground support teams to be there for your customers.

Payment Remittance Facilities

We allow you to receive your payment in real-time, free of any hassles!

Relationship Manager

Each travel agency has a dedicated relationship manager who assists them with all necessary tasks.

Ancillary Manager

We provide you with accurate information on ancillary services so that you can sell them to your customers.

Special Request

You can communicate your special requests to our managers and they will do their best to fulfill them.

Best Price Guarantee

We promise to provide you with the best price for all of your customers.

Guide & Translator

We provide a guide and translator to travel with your customers.

Multi Lingual Team

Our multi-lingual team ensures that you can communicate in the language of your choice.

Why Satguru

We provide you with the best services in the world of travel. We aim to increase your sales and profits while ensuring that our customers have a great time when they travel with us!


Your company logo will be placed everywhere your tourists go: hotels, restaurants, transport.

Group Handler

Our land service manager will handle the group from the arrival until the departure. Available 24/7.

Destination Consulting

We will advice you the best ways to materialize your plans and help you to choose a perfect destination and activities which will match your goals.

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